Friday, May 8, 2009

From Vince Gill to James Taylor...

Well after seeing Vince Gill and friends at the Ryman last week, I thought my month was complete. It looks like we are going to see my other hero James Taylor at TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center) next week. I have never seen James Taylor in concert before, although Kristi has. I did however meet him once.

I was working at a truck stop near Columbia, Missouri while I was attending Mizzou. I was working the late shift one night when I saw a tour bus pull in. They pulled to the diesel pumps which could only be seen through a crappy video camera. So I had no idea who it was. As I waited the anticipation was killing me. I knew it was someone famous.

So a few minutes later, in walks James Taylor. I was speechless. He asked where the payphones were...I told him and he walked on. A few minutes later about four guys walked in, so I struck up a conversation.

"That was James Taylor...right", I asked them. "And you guys are the band"?

I had to ask just to make sure I wasn't talking to some random travelers stopping in to annoy me. They said yes and we had a good conversation.

So, that's my brush with greatness and now I get to see him in concert here in Nashville. Life is grand!!!




Nancy said...

Oh, you will love the experience! When we saw him, the band was so tight! (Is that a muscian term, if not, ya know what I mean, right?) Incredible. Of course, he is one sexy (old) guy, too. Enjoy!

PhilB said...

I hope I am that handsome when I am his age. He's awesome. I cannot wait!!!

Greta said...

Wow. That's like the occassional coincidence I dream about. Awesome.

PhilB said... was surreal to say the least.

Kris said...

That dang Nancy beat me once again to the comment section. :)
can't wait to see J.T. once again. It will be a great night with 2 great men.

Fe said...

Lucky thing! James Taylor is my all time favourite musician. I've seen him perform 6 times and he simply never disappoints!

Have fun!

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