Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sometimes faith is all we have...

As a songwriter, I try to focus on the things I think I can control. That is a pretty short list if you think about it. My creativity might dry up tomorrow and there is really nothing I can do about it. My song plugger can pitch my songs to every artist in town and there is no way I can control who listens or ultimately decides to record on of my song.

So many external forces control what kinds of songs come to you and honestly, there is really nothing you can do about it. After a broken heart or a family member's passing, all you will write is sad songs. At least that is how it is for me. At the very least the events will affect your mood and that in turn affects your music.

So, what is it that I can control? Not much really. For me...that is where faith comes in. Faith, to me, means that there is some unseen, coordinating force to the Universe. There is somebody out there that is in control of things and putting the right people in the right places at the right time.  Call it what you want, I call him God .

I cannot and will not ever believe it is all random! Have faith folks. Along with your passion and your inspiration, anything is possible.

Peace and love to all,


My favorite Songwriter Joel Shewmake

Quote of the year...

“Be not the judges of men, but love your brothers and sisters, and find ways to reach out to them in common goals and aspirations. Where there is love in common, the divisions of creed will melt away and reveal the true nature of man’s eternal destiny -- one of unity in purpose, to be perfect as the Father is perfect."

Author Brilliant but Unknown

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