Thursday, June 28, 2012

New song by Maureen Murphy

I hope you had the chance to listen to some of Maureen's music. I just found out Maureen was releasing a new song today. I just listened to it and was so impressed, I had to share it. Take a few minutes and listen. Leave her a comment as well.

Peace and happiness to you all!!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Maureen new favorite R&B singer

Happy Monday everyone!!!

If you have read my blog before, you know I love to showcase local talent and you know I support local, independent artists. In this case I am going to spell TALENT with capitol letters.

I was surfing facebook and Reverbnation and came across Maureen Murphy. She is an R&B/Soul singer who moved to Nashville from Massachusetts in 2003. Since then she has sang at some of the best venues in town, including singing the National Anthem at Predator's games. I feel very blessed that I came across her profile and cannot wait to see her sing live. I hear it's an amazing experience. Based on the following youtube video, I bet that is true. Please take a minute and watch this video of Maureen performing at Hayman's Loft.

  You can buy her 3-song EP by going to her itunes store. Please support your local artists by buying their music and going to their shows. They put their heart and soul into their them back. Until next time...peace and love, Phil

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Credit where credit is due.

As some of you know, I grew up in a musical family. My Dad was a preacher and Mom was the piano player at our little church. They had us boys singing in church at a very young age. We even recorded an album when I was young. My Uncle Stormy played the guitar and sang with us. It was a great way to grow up.

This is when I fell in love with music and the GUITAR. He played a Martin D-28 and it was the first guitar I ever played. I actually remember forming my first chord. It was a D...then I learned the G and then the A. The love affair continues to this day.

The first song I ever learned to play was an old gospel song we used to perform, "Life's railway to Heaven". It took me months, but I learned the intro just like my Uncle Stormy played it. I used that same intro on my song, "I'll remember you" which I wrote for my Dad after he passed away in 1999. It was meant to be a tribute to my main musical influence growing up and to my Dad.
I taught myself to play the drums on my mother's tupperware when I was 12. I finally got my own set when I was 16. I praticed non-stop and got pretty good. When I was 18, my Uncle got me my first gig as a drummer. I am so grateful for him and the influence he had.

Through the years I was fortunate enough to perform a lot of music with my Uncle. I hope he knows how much it meant to be. Well today is Stormy Bennett's birthday and this is my way of wishing him a happy birthday. We haven't talked in a while, but I appreciate all you have done for me over the years.



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's your opinion?

I hope everyone is doing well today.

I have noticed a considerable increase in visits to my blog so far this year. So I thought I would reach out to you all and see what you thought.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think of my blog. I have been at this for 3 years now and would really like to often do you drop in? What things do you like about the blog? And what things would you like to see more?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Here is my email:

Have a blessed day!!


Friday, June 8, 2012

"When my ship comes in"

When I was a kid and would ask my Dad for something like a new toy or a bike, his response was always the same.

"When our ship comes in, we can get it."

Now we lived close to the Mississippi river and I just knew one of those barges coming and going carried all the things I dreamed of. It was filled with toys, bikes, GI Joes and games. What a dreamland of childhood delight.

Even though I know now that there isn't a magical dream vessel holding all the treasures of my childhood, I do have hope that my ship is just beyond the horizon. I know my ship exists, because my Dad would never lie to me. So, even though I am happy, healthy and abundant now, I still keep my eyes on the horizon. Because I have hope that my ship is coming.

What is in your ship?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to my friend Jeff Allwood...

This is a repost from a couple years back. Today is Jeff Allwood's Birthday and I just wanted to share my story of how we met. He was such a wonderful guy.

Let me tell you how I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Allwood.

I met Joe Allwood on the first day of kindergarten waiting for the bus. We were best friends all through school and graduated together. Joe's little brother Jeff was always there with us after school and on the lucky weekends when I got to stay the night at their house. Jeff, Joe, Johnny Warren and I sang in a barbershop quartet in high school. Their Mother Judy Allwood was my music teacher starting in third grade until I graduated. Their Dad was our high school principal. They were truly my extended family.

Jeff, Joe and I were like the three stooges at times. We would laugh and joke until we ran out of laughter, take a break and do it all over again. When I was 17, we started a country band and Jeff played lead guitar. We played several gigs together, including one for the entire Clopton High School where I graduated.

Jeff taught himself to play guitar, piano and eventually any instrument with strings. He was probably the most talented musician I have had the privilege to share a stage with, an event that happened way too infrequently. But I cherish every second I spent with the other two stooges.

Miss Judy was our biggest fan. She said our harmony was like that family harmony that is so rare. I have not sang with the Allwood brothers since the late 90's I guess. I always thought we would do a reunion show at our old high school when we were old, gray and wildly successful.

That show will have to be in some other place and time because Jeff passed away March 20th, 2009. He was an inspiration to us all by always pursuing his dream of playing music for a living, which is all he ever did.

I am going to miss my friend. Life is short folks, don't waste a second.

Peace and love to all,


"Prayer of Jabez"

And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying,

"Oh that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!" So God granted him what he requested.

I just love this and I post it every now and then to remind myself. "Enlarge my territory"...That means different things to every single person who reads it. What does it mean to you? I think it is worth thinking about for a little bit.

Peace, joy and love to all who read this,


My favorite Songwriter Joel Shewmake

Quote of the year...

“Be not the judges of men, but love your brothers and sisters, and find ways to reach out to them in common goals and aspirations. Where there is love in common, the divisions of creed will melt away and reveal the true nature of man’s eternal destiny -- one of unity in purpose, to be perfect as the Father is perfect."

Author Brilliant but Unknown

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