Friday, August 10, 2012

Blown away by Maureen Murphy

Kristi and I had the pleasure of getting to hear R&B artist Maureen Murphy perform at Douglas Corner last night.
...Long catch my breath.
Now I know we all have our opinions and they are tainted/formed by past experience. And to preface this bold statement I am about to make, I'll remind you I have been a singer/songwriter, drummer, guitarist, musician and music lover for 40-something years. I have heard some great vocals in my time. But I have to say that Maureen's performance last night was probably the best live vocal performance I have ever witnessed. There were moments during one of her songs that I had chills and tears at the same time.
I think what hit me the most was her humble nature, but she still had complete command of the stage, the audience and her band. She was authentic, believable, powerful and vulnerable all at the same time. She sang from the soul and that is ultra rare. I swear I had a spiritual moment during her singing, "I won't be around". Vocally it was flawless, but she has that indescribable quality that takes it to a whole other level.

Unbelievable Maureen! I highly, highly recommend buying her 3-song EP by clicking this link. Thank you for giving us an amazing performance last night. I feel truly blessed to have been there.

Peace and love,


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