Sunday, May 4, 2014

SEYGO cant' be explained, it must be experienced.


What is SEYGO? It is truly hard to describe. It must be experienced. It is a combination of amazing vocals, high-energy music, sound and lights.

My wife and I had the pleasure of being at the opening night event this week and I must give this production a thumbs up. If the night would have consisted of Maureen Murphy singing, that would have been enough to keep us there. Instead Brad Naylor added a stellar light show with a back drop of stunning visuals and film clips that seemed to be choreographed with the music. The lights and film background added so much to the music. It was well executed to say the least.

As a drummer, I can appreciate Brad even more now. His high-energy rhythm section laid the foundation for a thrilling night full of amazing vocals by Maureen Murphy. I watched the crowd during the night. At times I saw people mesmerized. I saw fists pumped in the air in approval of what they were hearing. Very few took their eyes off the stage. It was very captivating.

I have to recommend SEYGO to all my friends. I am so glad we experienced this event. You will not regret it. For tour dates and more information, go to SEYGO.

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