Thursday, October 15, 2015

Music heals! A story for all Singer/Songwriters

Music heals! A story for all Singer/Songwriters

As a singer/songwriter, we often think our efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. We often think our work doesn't matter if our songs aren't recorded by a major artist. I have felt this way many times. When those thoughts enter my brain, I remember this story.

I was singing at a Sunday service at a small church in Columbia, TN. I had been invited to perform by Sharon, a coworker of my wife. Sharon brought her Mother to church with her this particular Sunday. She seemed like a wonderful older woman.

Backing up to that morning. I had already had a crazy morning and was rushed to get to the church. At this point I wished I had never agreed to sing. Yes, I was in a bad mood and was not handling it well. I finally made it to the church just in time to get on the stage and start singing. I sang a few of my old favorite gospel tunes and a few that I had written. A voice in my head (God) told me to sing "Amazing Grace".

I decided to end my performance by singing "Amazing Grace". After singing my final song, I proceeded to get off the stage and head back to my seat. Once the service was over, my Wife's coworker came up to me and hugged me like I've never been hugged. With tears in her eyes she said, "Thank you, thank you for giving me my Mother back!" She hugged me again and would not let go. At that point I did not know what she meant by "giving her Mother back. I inquired once the hugs were over.

Through her tears she proceeded to tell me that her Mother suffers from dementia as she is very old. She had not heard her Mother sing in years. She told me as soon as I started singing "Amazing Grace", her Mother started singing along with me. She had forgotten what a beautiful voice she had. She told me it took her back to her childhood and a time before her Mother was ill.

Now I understand why she hugged me so tight. Now I understand that no talent is ever wasted or goes unnoticed. Now I understand the real reason why I sing and write songs. We should never question that little voice in our head. Never doubt that each moment can be inspired.

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