Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Debi Champion's Songwriter Night at The Commodore

If you are a songwriter in Nashville, then you have heard of Debi Champion. If you are not a songwriter, but are a music lover, then you need to visit the Commodore Sports Bar on West End in Nashville. Debi Champion hosts one of the longest-running songwriter nights in Nashville.

Every night she features new songwriters, established writers and some that have had many hit songs recorded. It is a great opportunity to hear what's right around the corner for the music industry here in Nashville. It is also an opportunity for the new songwriters to get up and showcase their music.

The first time I got up I was so nervous my legs were shaking. But Debi made me feel right at home. I have played there many times since moving to town and will play there again in the future. (As soon as I get these last new songs finished) I have met so many wonderful people there, but Debi is the best and so incredibly supportive.

If you are visiting from out of town, check it out. Tell Debi I sent you.



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Greta said...

Someday I'll visit. Nashville's on my list. And I'll tell her you sent me!

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