Monday, February 2, 2009

What day would you pick?

Well, today is Groundhogs Day and I always watch the movie every year. It is one of those movies that is timeless. It is a funny look at a day in a man's life on the surface, but very deep as well.
It always makes me think, what day would I want to relive if I could. I will list a few in no particular order.
The first day that comes to mind is the day after Kristi and my first date. We spent the entire day together and had a blast. My son and his girlfriend were in town and we ate at Pizza Hut, bought a new phone at the Verizon store and watched American Idol together. It was a splendid day start to finish.
The next day that comes to mind is my Dad's birthday around 1991. My brothers and I took him to play golf. It was the first time we all got together to play a round. We had a great breakfast, followed by an awesome round of golf and dinner after that. It was the most fun I have ever had on the course.
Then I remember the day of my first St. Louis Cardinal game. I was 16 and my Dad, Mom and some friends went to see the game at Busch Stadium. Jaquin Andujar was pitching and we won!! What a great day that was.
In 2006, the Cardinals were in the World Series. My daughter was in town and we went to see Rusty (my future step son) play in a High School football game. We left and headed straight for the nearest Applebees to watch the Cardinal game. We got there just in time to watch the last five innings and watched them win the World Series. It was magical watching it with my two favorite ladies...Kristi and Cagney.
There are so many great days in my life. I hope you take the time to pick your favorite days. It will make you appreciate them all.
Peace, love and happy Groundhogs day. May Spring come soon!!

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Kris said...

Great post and "YES" we can watch it tonight.

I would have to pick the same day you did. It was a great day and I loved watching you interact with Mitch. I knew then you were not only a good guy, but a wonderful parent.

I would also pick a day I spent with my family just a few months before my dad passed away. It was a softball reunion and literally 100's of girls he had coached showed up to celebrate a great coach and even greater dad.

Another day that comes to mind was one of our trips back from MO. When I realized I had fell for ya. awwwww' smushy huh? But, it was a great day.

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