Thursday, January 29, 2009

I got a blog award!!

I received a blog award from
If you've never visited Kristi's blog, take some time to go over there.
She is a wonderful artist and blogger.
Here are the rules of the game...For Bloggers who show great attitude/gratitude:
1. Post the lovely picture
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show Great Attitude, Gratitude and creative spirit.
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link this post to the person from who you received your award.
Here are my 10 blogs: Ha Ha, I put in a plug for my other blog. I try to make that one more entertaining, so check it out sometime.
Peace to all,

1 comment:

richfarmers said...

Well, thanks, Phil! And congrats on your award! I think I need to do this on my blog, too - now, if I can only come up with 10 blogs to link to!

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