Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Growing Conversation with Kathy McHugh

"The world needs your happy ass!" Kathy McHugh

Every now and then you run across a person who lights up your world. Someone that has that indescribable ability to lift your spirits with just a few words on a page. When God allows a person like this to cross your path it makes you briefly understand how it all works. How we are all connected. How there is order in the Universe and how wonderful life can be if we simply acknowledge the beauty of a random meeting. It restores your faith in all things. Whenever this happens to me, I make sure to tell the person that they have affected my world in a positive manner.

Kathy is such a person to me. It all started by me reading a few Facebook quotes from her and that lead to me clicking on Kathy's website, The Growing Conversation. Then I followed her on twitter and Instagram. Then Kristi and I went to hear her speak at The City Winery a few weeks back. Her words are healing, empowering, true and brilliant. She uses stories from her own life to inspire you to believe that you can get through this crazy experience called life. She is funny, enlightening and real. At the very, very least she can bring a smile to your face. This conversation of Kathy's is about being happy in a place that is truly imperfect and to embrace that imperfection and grow from that. Feeling pain in a way that you grow from the hurt versus push it aside and be doomed to relive it a year later. Embracing pain, joy, loss and everything that crosses your path.

I could go on and on. Take some time and spread some Love today for someone in your life that has made a difference. That is my goal with this post today. Kathy you made us smile when we needed a smile. That is a precious gift that did not go unnoticed. I am sure there will be many more.

Thank you!!!

Peace and Joy to all,


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