Monday, February 13, 2012

"When I dream" Words and Music by Phil Bennett

I hope all of you are having a great Monday.

I thought I would start out your week with a song I wrote and recorded for Youtube a couple weeks ago. I posted it on facebook and was asked where I got the idea for the song.

If you listen to the words you hear that it is about a little girl talking to her Dad about where she goes when she dreams. I have read that people with disabilites often dream about running. I know for me, although I am not totally disabled, I miss running. So there are times when I wake up from an awesome running dream. It is usually a very simple dream and all I can remember when I wake up is the wonderful feeling of running as fast as I can. I love that dream!!

So that's where the song idea came from originally. The rest of the song just sort of fell into place. I feel blessed that this song is being listened to by some very talented people. My hope is that it will be cut by this Summer.

Wish me luck,


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