Monday, July 6, 2009

Giving her away...part two

Well the first round of pictures from last weekend's Cagney & Alex Wedding Celebration have begun to roll in. I wanted to share a few with you all.

Here she is, the bride to be getting ready for her big day. My niece Katy is in total control. Isn't my daughter beautiful?

This picture was taken by my Mother. The wedding was held outside on a beautiful summer evening. I will never forget how it felt to walk her down the isle.

What a great-looking and happy couple. It was like a wonderful movie that you wish you could watch over and over again.

Happiness, love and beauty everywhere. Her bridesmaids were her friend Julie and my nieces Karmen and Katy. Alex's best men were his friend Chris and his two younger brothers.

And of course we posed for this, but what a special moment for me and my daughter. Cagney has been the light of my life for over 25 years and giving her away was very special to say the least. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy. Okay, I am tearing up again, so I will close for now.

This is the song her and I danced to. Click on it and listen to Michael Buble sing about my daughter Cagney.

Peace, love and joy to all,



Suzy said...

They do make a lovely couple and she is beautiful and you all look so happy.

Nancy said...

Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those pics with us! When you have a minute, google Jim Jesberger. He is our muscian friend in PA. Some of his songs are on My Space. I sent him your links, too.

PhilB said... was an amazing day. Everything went so perfect. was a happy day all around.

Thanks Nancy, I am happy to share with you wonderful people. I will go check Jim out on myspace.

Peace and love,


Elenka said...

Congrats to you all. Looks like a wonderful time. How proud you both must be.

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