Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Being a dreamer is not easy...

Some days I wish my dream was to be a school teacher. It's really simple; you go to school, get your degree, get a job as a teacher. Boom...dream fulfilled. Or maybe I could dream of being a cab driver. It's even easier; get your license and get a cab driver job. Boom...dream realized. Somedays I want to just say screw it all and go get a job at a gas station. Now that's a dream come true!!

There is this picture of me when I was two years old. I am holding my Bugs Bunny guitar and smiling. I was so happy and I know I had the dream even back then. Maybe my life would have been easier if I had a toy stethoscope around my neck instead of a guitar.

But then I think back to the first time I saw a set of drums sitting in a studio. I was 10 and our family was about to record The Bennett Family gospel album. I remember watching the sound engineers and the musicians and just falling in love with it all. It was not long after that I was using my Mother's tupperware to teach myself to play drums.

So, I have this deep, philosphical question for anyone who cares to read this. Why would God put this burning desire to play, write and record music deep in my soul only to put so many obstacles in my path?

Now that's a thinker isn't it?




lisahgolden said...

Well, maybe it's all part of god's whacky sense of humor?

Or maybe something worth having is worth struggling for?

The numbers are not in our favor as dreamers. And still, we dream........

Cagney said...

Maybe we're the ones putting the obstacles in our way...because we don't think that we deserve to live our desires. I don't think that's the whole reason we have these obstacles, but I think it definitely contributes to the struggle.

The Muse said...

Our idea of success is man~made...until we can fully grasp that the gifts given to us are meant for one thing...His glory, then, I think the struggle will always be there...

But that's just the wisdom and view of an old Muse :)

Suzy said...

I think Cagney hit the nail on the head. "Then one day we see: The reason we didn't get what we wanted was because God had something much better planned for us." From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie.

I;ve moved how many times to chase down my career? I've been up and way down and I know how you feel. But really, it's all you in the final analysis. Something in you MAY be stopping you. Most people dont really believe they deserve what they have much less what they don't have.

Suzy said...

God, I LOVE Sheryl Crow.

PhilB said...

Every answer so far is correct I am sure!

Cagney did you get your wisdom from you Father?? haha

Suzy I always enjoy your input because of the paths you have taken. Your stories remind me of a few of mine. Thanks so much.

Lisa and Muse, thank you as well. I will continue to live the dream.

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Phil, you just hang in there man! You will make it a great trip. Through your blog, the rest of us that are too afraid to do other than what is safe, are priveledged to get to take a ride on your rainbow.
Keep the faith.
Missouri Fan

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