Thursday, March 5, 2009

Take the time to show some love...

It's a common occurrence. I meet someone at a songwriter night or function and get their card. Later I find them on myspace or one of the other social networking sites, add them as a friend and then what...I listen to their music and read their story.

There is nothing more inspiring to me than to read about someone, the ways they are pursuing their dream and how they got to Nashville. Then, when you listen to their music, you get the whole story. There are some amazing, talented songwriters in town that will never get a cut. I love them all!

I wonder how many times you have accepted a friend request and just moved on to the next website. How many times have you actually listened to their music and taken the time to leave them some love on their comment page or dropped them an email? Have you ever put them in your top friends just because they impressed you? Do you know how much that would mean to them to see you value their talent?

Okay I am lecturing...haha. I just know as a songwriter all we want is someone to audience. You don't even have to like it...just give us our 15 minutes of fame on your computer. Then...leave a comment. Spread the love, it will return to you ten fold.




richfarmers said...

You are so right, Phil. We songwriters know how much it means just to have someone listen to our music, and a kind word goes a long way.

BTW, I have listened to your music on SoundClick, and I am very impressed with your writing.

All the best,

PhilB said...

Thank you very much, for reading and for listening. I wish all the best for you as well.

I think if we all take the time to listen, we learn from each other and are also inspired.

I have enjoyed your music as well. I hope you keep writing and finding your audience.



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