Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"If you were not"

"If you were not"
By Phil Bennett

If your energy was subtracted from our midst
On a day such as this
The sun would not seem as bright
The trees would not reach as high
The void would be emmence.
If you were not then all that's left
are memories that you were here.
But instead we gather to celebrate
and share the bliss
Of all the things that we would miss
If you were not...Karmen.

Karmen turns 26 today. She is talented, beautiful and funny. What else could you want in a niece??

My Step Dad Al is a bit older than Karmen, but I know that he can work circles around any 20 year old. He is probably the hardest working man I know. I am pleased that he has been in our lives for over 12 years now and he takes wonderful care of my Mom.

Happy Birthday to you both!!!!




The Muse said...

I send SUPER congrats and fine birthday wishes!

PhilB said...

Thank you!!! I will be partying with both of them this weekend.



Kris said...

wooohooo party starts tonight at Outback Steakhouse!!!

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