Thursday, February 12, 2009

There ain't no future in the past...

Sometimes I wish my memory wasn't so damn good. I still remember my Dad telling, "Phil, you're never going to be a star". I remember it like it was yesterday.

I guess that was the point where I closed off and didn't share my dreams with him anymore. What astounded me is that he didn't understand my dream at all. I never wanted to be a "star" anyway. I wanted to move to Nashville, write music, meet cool people and live my creative dream.

For me it started at a very young age. I remember writing my first was horrible...but it sparked a fire inside me that will never be extinguished. I have lyrics running through my head every waking hour of the day. I love it!! I know that as sure as I am typing right now, I will write a song that will make a change in someone's life. I know I will be successful and leave a mark on this world.

So, when I was recently contacted by a family member that I hadn't seen since my Dad's funeral in 1999, it brought back some pretty strong emotions that I thought had left years ago. It brought back the feeling of being trapped. I was surrounded by "small" thinking people and I knew that if I didn't get away from them, I would become one of them. These people were threatened by anyone with goals, dreams, aspirations and they did not approve of anyone trying to reach for the sky.

Then I remembered a line in a Vince Gill song, "There ain't no future in the past". If it were not for those "small" thinking people that I ran from, I would not be where I am today. Instead I live in Nashville, write music as much as I can, live a wonderful life with a wonderful woman and continue to pursue my big dreams. There may not be a future in the past, but without it...I would not be here.

All you songwriters out there...keep the faith and dream BIG. It's your dream, not theirs.



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Kris said...

I hope that fire inside never dies. One of your greatest characteristics is your ability to dream and believe in your talents and those of others. You are an inspiration to many and they love and support your dreams.

So, while the past got you to this point and made you a better man, I say, "There aint no past in the future".


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“Be not the judges of men, but love your brothers and sisters, and find ways to reach out to them in common goals and aspirations. Where there is love in common, the divisions of creed will melt away and reveal the true nature of man’s eternal destiny -- one of unity in purpose, to be perfect as the Father is perfect."

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