Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Creativity...you have to let it flow.

I have learned that when creativity is flowing, get in the boat and enjoy the ride. I have been writing, playing my guitar and painting.

I took pictures of my granddogs (my daughter's dogs) and painted portraits of them to give to her as gifts. I really enjoyed painting again and I have one more to do. I thought I would share the first two paintings. I posted the actual picture and followed it with a picture of the painting.

This is Lizzy. She passed away just before Christmas, which inspired me to paint a picture of her. She was a sweet, old dog that loved everybody.

This is the painting of Lizzy.

This is Lucy, my youngest granddog. When she was a pup, we called her the "there ain't no bugs on me" dog. What a fun spirit she has.

Here is the painting I made of Lucy.

Here is a picture of Lucy and Libby. They are so much fun!!

And here is my painting of Libby. I just finished her today.

So, whatever form of creativity you are in, enjoy it and ride it until it runs out of gas.

Peace and joy to all,



Kris said...

I love your creativity. I know Cagney and Alex will appreciate the paintings of Lucy and Libby as much as they did Lizzie.

Have a happy day sweetness.


Judy Rodman said...

Beautiful pictures... and beautiful sentiment. I totally agree... creativity changes form sometimes; emabrace it all!!

PhilB said...

Thank you Judy for reading and always leaving a positive spin. I apprecite it very much.

Thank you to Kris for being the love of my life and supporting my dreams. I try to return the favor. You gotta love the dreamers!!


Anonymous said...

Phil, thanks so much for being there for us and Jeff...I'm really looking forward to "Jeff's Jam" on June 7th that was planned at his service. Just trying to find my way around this new "thing" for me...Good Luck & God Bless, Judy

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