Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today I will...

Today I will...

have a wonderful day!
laugh and smile a lot!
be happy and spread happiness to those I see!
be grateful for all the blessinngs in my life!
work on my creative projects!
show appreciation for those around me!

Today I will live!!

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Kris said...

Today I will see the good in every situation I encounter.
Stay positive and think only good thoughts.


My favorite Songwriter Joel Shewmake

Quote of the year...

“Be not the judges of men, but love your brothers and sisters, and find ways to reach out to them in common goals and aspirations. Where there is love in common, the divisions of creed will melt away and reveal the true nature of man’s eternal destiny -- one of unity in purpose, to be perfect as the Father is perfect."

Author Brilliant but Unknown

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