Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"The difference between will and intention"

This is an excerpt of a book by Stuart Wilde.

I hope you like it, Phil

"The difference between Will and intention is that for many people intention is just a mental act--a kind of wishful thinking--whereas the force of Will projected from your consciousness contains not only your thoughts and desires but also the enthusiasm of your own Life Force. Your Will, projected correctly, will contain that vital ingredient, your Spirit--the very essence of what you are.

The force of that Spirit, clearly defined, will deliver to you the focus of your Will by virtue of the fact that the clarity of its concentration is honed to such an uncluttered purity that it cuts right through reality and fires the full weight of its power upon any target....In that pea soup of mumbling and grumbling, along comes the magician: powerful, clear, uncluttered by yearnings or fanciful ramblings of the imagination. Detached as he is from the emotions of humanity he stands on a launch platform that is already a rung or two higher than the crowd. From there he fires his Will into the circumstances of life, knowing that his power is unstoppable.

How could the Universal Law of life deny this man? It can't. His power is too great. His Will is uncluttered by any thought of deserving, of good and bad, of having or not having. It is focused solely on what he wants....If the level of enthusiasm you are willing to commit to your quest is not great, then obviously you don't want what you think you do, or at best your quest is not that important to you. But if some aspect is very, very special to you, it becomes sacred by virtue of its integrity. Then the level of your commitment to that ideal is vital, for you know that the whole reason for your life is contained and centered in that one quest for achievement....Somewhere in your life there will be an overrriding theme to your quest, some part of your desire which cannot be denied without a terrible cost to the very essence of what you are. Are you going to ignore it, or do you have the courage of your commitment and the confidence to demand that life, humanity, or circumstance give you what you want, with no other excuse, reason or apology, other than that you demand it?"

From The Trick to Money is Having Some

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